VBScript - Adding Days and Months to a Date

Alright, I usually like to blog about some IT related challenge that I've recently overcome but tonight I'm just going to post some relatively common code that I know at least one person according to my web site statistics seemed to be looking for today in my blog and must have come up empty handed so they had to go find it on any one of at least a thousand other sites about vbscript. What where they looking for? The VBScript code to add 3 months to a date. Here it goes...

VBScript: Adding Leading Zeros to a Date

Ever need to add leading zeros to a date.  I recently had a script that needed it and I could not find a built in function in VBScript to do it so here is what I did.

Introduction to C# Programming: ASCII Xmas Tree - C# and .Net Sample Project

If you're taking a programming class this article and sample c# code just might help you a little bit. For one of my programing classes we had to design a X-Mas tree with ASCII text. Hope this helps you.