The Best Lotto Apps for the iPhone

I had just purchased my California Super Lotto and Mega Millions tickets (the winning ones of course ;-), and thought to myself..... Self, there must be some good iPhone and iPad apps out there for getting Lotto results and tracking my tickets to see if I've finally won.

The Best Pinball Games for the iPad

Check out my review of pinball games for the iPad.

How to Put Your iPhone on Vibrate

Just got my new Verizon iPhone and I did not know how to do the simplest thing like putting it on vibrate... this is how you do it.

How to Copy Files from Your iPod Touch and iPad to iTunes

I recently made the mistake of purchasing a song on my iPad the other day and realized that I could not move song back to my iTunes.  With a little help from some special software it is possible to copy and move files from your iPad to iTunes.  Here is how I did it.