Audible for the Blackberry Tour 9630 is finally here

Blackberry Tour 9630 I was just about to download a new book last night from Audible when a message appeared that a new version for the Blackberry Tour 9630 was available.

I was provided with a link to download it in the message and before you know it the new version was installed.  During the installation I was asked if I wanted to keep all my old data and I said no so it was all gone when the phone rebooted. You may want to choose to keep all you old data if you have a lot store on the phone.

I have not played with it long enough to be able to say if the problem with the sound cutting out has been fixed but my fingers are crossed.

To download the newest version go to and then select the Tour 9630 from the list.

I hope this article has helped you with your Blackberry.



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