How to Copy Files from Your iPod Touch and iPad to iTunes

I recently made the mistake of purchasing a song on my iPad the other day and realized that I could not move song back to my iTunes.  With a little help from some special software it is possible to copy and move files from your iPad to iTunes. Here is how I did it.

Unfortunately, iTunes to your iPod Touch or iPad is a one way street .  Sounds kind of silly to me that if I buy a song on my iPad that I don't have an easy way to get my song back to iTunes and then to my iPod Touch.

First, you will need some special software. I'm not sure how many different kinds software are out there to help you work with files on you iPod or iPad but I quickly found and registered a copy of DiskAid, TuneAid, and PicsAid by DigiDNA.

I was able to purchase a bundle of all three for $29.95. Each version of the DigiDNA software specializes in managing specific types of files on the iPod / iPad.

Wanting to learn as much as I can about the iPod and iPad of course I was interested to see how the file and folders were structures and FileAid did exactly that.



DiskAid gives easy access the file system of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  DiskAid transfers any kind of files from computer to iPhone & iPad, back and forth. Is compatible with iTunes 10 and iPhone OS 3.x to iOS 4.x and works with or without jailbreak.

Disk Aid


Transfer your music to iTunes or any folder on your computer.  Rescue your music from a computer crash or theft. Salvage a corrupted iPod ! Copies Music Videos and Movies as well as music. TuneAid prevents dupes when copying from iPod to iTunes. Use TuneAid to transfer iPod, iPhone or iPad music to PC & Mac !


Transfer iPod, iPhone and iPad Photo Albums synced with iTunes.  PicsAid copies pictures from any Apple mobile device.



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