Ordering Your Next Christmas Tree Online with DeliverMyChristmasTree.com (Review)

This year my wife and I decided that we were just too busy to go Christmas tree shopping but yet we really wanted a live tree. 

After a couple minutes of searching online she had found DeliverMyChristmasTree.com.  Being an online entrepreneur for years, I was in intrigued to say the least and convinced my wife to give a try.

First, I would have to say that after ordering we should have immediately received an email acknowledging the order but we did not.  It was not until two days later and in response to an email inquiry from my wife did they acknowledge the order and tell us when the tree would be shipping.  I think there is some room for improvement there.

The tree shipped via UPS and takes about 3-4 days to ship to California.

The tree arrived on Monday (right on schedule).

The box was about 6 feet long and weighed about 45 lbs.

When we opened the box we found a hand signed letter from John Brussock, the owner of DeliverMyChristmasTree.com.  The letter contained that follow tips.

1.  Use a saw to cut approximately 1" off the bottom of the tree.  Do this no more than 2 hours before you are ready to put the tree in water.

2.  After the tree is in the stand, add hot water (not boiling, just hot)

3.  Keep an eye on the water level in your stand, and add more when necessary.  Make sure that the base of the tree is always submerged.

4.  Avoid putting the tree next to heat sources.

So what do we think of the tree?  It is a nice healthy tree.  It was a fresh and probably fresher than a tree we would have picked up at a local lot.

  • We did not have waste hours of our time to go out and search all over town for it.
  • We did not have to tie it down to the car and drive it home.
  • Tree was very fresh and of good quality
  • Shipping time was very reasonable
  • We did not pick it out
  • Cost to ship was $45.00 (but time is money you know)
So would we do it again?  Maybe is an honest answer but I would lean towards yes if we find ourselves stretched for time again.

To John's credit, he was very responsive when my wife emailed him but my advice to John would be to spend a little time working on the emailing of receipts, order acknowledgment and shipping information to help manage the customers expectations a little better.

Below are some pictures of the Christmas tree at the various stages from unboxing to being decorated.

The Box




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