Xcode: Missing the .m Objective C File when Creating a New Project

I've been wanting to learn how to write an iPhone / iPad app for over a year now.  I purchased an iMac, iPod Touch, an iPad and at least 5 books and a video on Objective c and Cocoa.

The one thing I never have enough of is time.

Tonight I finally find a free hour to sit down and code my very first beginners program and find my self stuck on what I'm sure is a very simple problem but I'm having a hard time finding the answer. 

Now that I've wasted my first real hour of Xcode coding time looking for the answer to my problem, I'll share it with you to save your the time and headache.

Problem:  When creating a new project in Xcode you are missing the Objective c ".m" files that all the books and videos say should be found in your new project folder... but they're not.

When selecting all the options for your new project make sure you've selected these:
1. Mac OS X
2. Application
3. Command Line Tool
4. Type = Foundation (This is what most leave out)

If you make sure you choose "Foundation" as the type you will have the .m files included in you new project.

Hope this helps my fellow Xcode newbies.


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