The Best Pinball Games for the iPad

I was looking for some games for my iPad the other day and thought to myself what a great platform the iPad would be for some old classic pinball games so off to the Apple app store I go in search of some good pinball games.

I actually very surprised that I did not find more noteworthy pinball games for the iPad but here are a couple that I enjoyed.

Pinball HD Pinball HD

Pinball HD - OOO Gameprom
You can find each of the games in this bundle for sale in the app store for $0.99 each but I purchased Pinball HD as a bundle of 3 games which included and a demo of the 4th game, Slayer, for $2.99.  Slayer is selling for slightly more than the other games so if you try it and like it you might want to wait and see if it goes on sale.

The games included were Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style.

The game has a nice feel to it.  The graphics are well done. I had found that the flippers are easy and responsive and the game play was smooth.  The ball movement was realistic.  A pretty solid game but not a lot of extras or bonus surprises.  In my opinion, the bundle was worth $2.99.

Pinball HD


Undead Attack Undead Attack

Undead Attack! Pinball HD - Mobjoy
With a little trepidation, I purchased Undead Attack for $2.99 from the app store.  I thought the idea of having zombies in the game sounded novel and  worth a try. 

The graphics are interesting and fun.  The flippers are not as responsive as Pinball HD but maybe that is how the developers intended it.

The games premise is that you must defend yourself as zombies are trying to make their way past your flippers and in to your mansion.  There are bonuses and surprises as you go.

I definitely recommend this game if your looking for something a little different,  a mix of the new and the old.

Pinball HD
Pinball HD



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